Welcome to a womens circle... like no other. 

Your story is valid, important, and worthy of being told.

Can't wait to join...take me straight to the


As a recent graduate of The Wild Woman Project Circle Leader Training, I'm SO excited to announce the beginning of circles in my community. 

I follow the moon.

I enjoy shiny things.

I'm a tree loving hippy.

I wear LuLaRoe (rocking an Amelia and leggings as I write).

I miss the ever-loving-heck out of Disneyland.

I wonder amongst the forests any chance I get.

I love a creek I can wade in.

I enjoy being on the ocean... but not the beach.

I have three kids.

I homeschool those kids.

I'm a military (retired) wife.

I would drink BJ's Berry cider every day if I could.

I'm finally at an age where I have decided to justify dousing myself in sparkle.

I believe that I am worthy of the space I take up... and more.

I know you are worthy of it too.

I aim to help my fellow Wild Woman by holding space for them to be their most authentic self. No apologies.

And by empowering them to tell their stories.

No apologies.

If you are interested in joining, or hosting a MooseHaven circle. 

Contact me here ~ joinus@moosehaven.net

Connect on IG ~ @MooseHavenCircle

Connect on FB ~ @MooseHavenCircleVA

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